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Visit of Professors from Fachhochschule Dortmund, Germany

On September 11th, 7 professors from the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences were welcomed. We were visited by: Dr. Stephan Hesterberg, Vice Dean of the Mechanical Engineering career; Dr. Kay Suwelack, Professor of Mechanical Engineering; Dr. Stephan Weyers, Director of the Indutwin project; Dr. Stephan Recker, Vice Dean of the Systems Development, and Integration Department; Mauricio Camacho M.A., Learning Steward; the Dipl.-Betriebsw. Thorsten Ruben, Coordinator of the Master of IT Engineering, and Dr. Rolf Schuster, Professor of IT Engineering.

As a recreational and tourist activity, the teachers were invited to visit the Huaca Pucllana in Miraflores. They were accompanied by Professor Mariella Olivos and exchange coordinator Mylene Sandoval.

Through this visit, in which various meetings with ESAN professors were also held; the coordination of Cross Border projects, the offer of the Train-the-Trainer course, the Summer School/Project Workshop August 2023, and the IRC (International Research Conference) were achieved. Thank you for the visit and the pleasant experience!

Farewell of exchange students 2022 - I

The farewell session for students from countries such as Germany, Finland, France, The Netherlands, Portugal, and Switzerland was held on June 27. At this meeting, students were asked questions about their experience as students at ESAN university, with the aim of improving processes and giving them the necessary information before, during, and after their international experience. We expect to see you soon in Peru or abroad!


AACSB Re-accreditation

(October 2018)
Universidad ESAN was re-accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International). The undergraduate programs that obtained this distinction are: Administration and Finance, Administration and Marketing and Economics and International Business. We would like to thank all of our partner universities for their cooperation and for the development of new projects.


Welcome international students 2018

This 2018, we received almost 100 students from our partners’ universities. Different activities were prepared for our international students, such as a taste of the Peruvian cuisine, an introduction to the Peruvian History, and were also introduce to live at Esan. Students have come from Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland and USA.

Learning by doing

(15th – 16th March 2018)
With the goal of strengthening management education in Latin America, through innovative approaches based on experiential learning, the Global Business School Network, the Latin American Council of Management Schools (CLADEA) and Universidad ESAN organized from March 15 to 16 the International Seminar «Learning by doing» on the campus of the Universidad ESAN (Peru).
A highly interactive session on experiential learning, in which we have analyzed the management and leadership techniques necessary to successfully face the current challenges global companies endure nowadays. We had key speakers from the following universities: Michellana Jester, Senior Lecturer, Global Entrepreneurship Lab, MIT Sloan School of Management, USA; Kerry Laufer, Director, OnSite Global Consulting Program, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, USA; Ashley Manning, Project Developer at Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth, USA; Diederik P. de Boer, Assistant Professor in Sustainable Business Development, Maastricht School of Management, Netherlands; Bryan Andriano, Executive Director, Global & Experiential Education, George Washington Graduate School of Business, USA; among others.
During the seminar, real cases of companies were presented to create a different learning experience, adaptable to different corporate sectors and business schools. Practical approaches were presented to encourage the participation of the company in education in Latin America.

Global partner in education

Arhem University of Applied Sciences was the host for the 11th Annual Global Partners in Education Conference, which took place from May 14th - May 19th. The paper that was presented by ESAN was the Impact of a sustainable global education: Students´ outcome and cross cultural differences when using Information Communication Technologies.
More than 30 members of GPE participated of the conference which had different activities such as paper & poster presentations among many other activities.


International week at Fachhochschule, Dortmund

(15th – 20th October 2018)
Esan participated in the 10th International Week Networking Event at Fachhochschule, Dortmund in Germany, which had the participation of more than 25 universities from all over the world. Among the different round tables, the main topics were Internationalization at universities in Latin America and Europe - Challenges and Opportunities Also, Esan participated in the EuroPim* Meetings and presentations with the professors from the following universities: UNAM University, Mexico; Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina and Universidad de Valparaíso, Chile.

* EuroPim is an organization that aims to further extend and strengthen the existing relationship with four European universities into strategic partnerships. The universities in Bilbao (University of the Basque Country, UPV, Spain), Leuven (KU Leuven, Belgium), Kaunas (KTU Kaunas, Lithuania) and Trondheim (NTNU, Norway) are the cooperating partners of this project. The partnership is based on joint Master´s programmes in the field of Project and Innovation Management and Engineering, as well as the corresponding research in these subjects.

Global research on emerging economies conference

(16th – 17th November 2018)
Universidad ESAN hosted the Global Research on Emerging Economies Conference on November 16th and 17th in Lima, Peru. This conference main objective was of promoting, developing and disseminating basic and applied research, generating knowledge on issues related to business and public sectors of emerging markets and brought together researchers interested in the fields of Finance, Applied Economics, Management, Investment, Trade, and other business topics focused on Emerging Markets Assessment.
On November 17th, Mariella Olivos, Associate Director of the Undergraduate Programs, was a speaker for the following topic: Educational Management and Internationalization challenges: An online collaborative experience among Peruvian, French, Dutch and American students.

Worldwise program

Students from Universidad ESAN have continued to participate in the different conferences with students from foreign universities at United States, Mexico, China, Russia and Poland. In the conferences, the students had the opportunity to increase their English speaking skills and also participate of networking. They discussed about Community Service and Social and Health Issues.

On July we had the visited of the founder of Worldwise, Margaret Matthews, from East Carolina University, who had the opportunity to meet with the worldwise team at ESAN.

Erasmus+ challenge academy Project

Universidad ESAN continue to be part of the Erasmus+ Challenge Academy Cooperation between Latin America and Europe for Employability project, whose purpose is to increase the employability of young Latin Americans through training in entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation and employability trends, to show their talent to international and local companies. The partner universities are: ICSTE (Portugal), University of Wolverhampton (United Kingdom), University of Maastrich (Holland), Catholic University of the North (Chile), Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Colombia), National University of the Litoral (Argentina), Universidad Austral (Argentina). Likewise, the institutions Lipomize (Argentina), Interuniversity Corporation of services (Colombia) Fundación Universidad Empresa (Spain) are also part of the project. As part of the activities from the Erasmus+ Challenge Academy Project, we carried out a creativity and innovation, employability and entrepreneurship workshops for teachers of ESAN, students from ESAN, and also teachers and students from high schools of Lima. These workshops were held from August to November and the purpose was to reinforce the leadership skills of students participating and to train teachers in these topics so they can apply them in their class sessions.


Universidad ESAN was the host of Women Entrepreneurship Week 2018




(13th - 20th October)

Universidad ESAN was part of the 5th edition of Women Entrepreneurship Week 2018 held from October 13th to 20th. This event was held in parallel in more than 160 universities in 32 countries and was aimed at ESAN students and graduates..

As part of the event we had the participation of speakers such as Olga Cirilo, Coordinator of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the MBA of ESAN Graduate School of Business, who shared her professional experience and as an entrepreneur and founder of a marketing company aimed at the health sector.

Also, Carla Muttoni participated. She is a Commercial Engineer, MBA UC and programmer, who has had experience in the development of projects for one of the "Big Four. She is currently a collaborator at Singularity University Chapter Chile, member of the Board of Directors of Fundación Portas and has also founded her own Venture building "Spring Up", in which they connect and create technological innovation projects among startups, corporations and investors to solve market needs.

Finally, we had the participation of Marita Mamani, graduated from ESAN University, who explained about her professional experience in the commercial area in the different organizations in which she has worked. In this session attended ESAN alumni who also have entrepreneurship projects.


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