Incoming Students - One-Term Program

One-Term Program

Exchange students from our partner universities are welcome to register for one or two semesters. ESAN University offers students spanish and english courses in a variety of fields: Management and Marketing, Management and Finance, Economics and International Business, Information Technology and Systems Engineering, Industrial and Commercial Engineering, Environmental Management Engineering, Organizational Psychology, Consumer Psychology and Corporate Law.

Some courses required previously knowledges due it is mandatory that our partners institutions valide all the courses and language proficiency. We suggest that Master 1 or 2 students take courses from our 4th and 5th year of our bachelor programs.

Please see below the list of courses.

Course Language download
Analisis financiero corporativo Spanish
Auditoria y Retorno de la Inversion en Marketing Spanish
Branding English
BUSINESS Intelligence y Tecnologías de CRM (Business Intelligence and CRM Technologies) English
Climate Change English
Coaching Spanish
Comercio Internacional Spanish
Comportamiento del Consumidor Spanish
Comportamiento Humano en las Organizaciones (presencial) Spanish
Comunicaciones de Marketing Spanish
Conducta Financiera (Behavioral Finance) English
Costeo y Estrategias de Precios Spanish
Costos y Presupuesto Spanish
Creatividad Publicitaria Spanish
Derecho de la competencia y libre mercado Spanish
Derecho Empresarial Spanish
Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Web Spanish
Digital Trends: Planeamiento- Seo-Social-Media- Automatización del Marketing Spanish
Diseño Organizacional  Spanish
Diseño y Desarrollo de Producto (Product Design and Development) English
Ecology, Environment and Social Responsibility (Ecología, Medio Ambiente y Responsabilidad Social) English
Economía Internacional Spanish
Economia y cambio climatico Spanish
Economics and Law English
Economics of Information English
El Marketing Social (Social Marketing) English
E-marketing English
Entrepreneurship English
Estadística Inferencial Spanish
Estrategias de Integración Comercial Spanish
Estrategias de Marketing Digital E-Branding Spanish
Estrategias de Marketing Relacional Spanish
Estrategias de posicionamiento y segmentación Spanish
Estructura de un acuerdo Corporativo (Estructure of Corporate Transactions) English
Evaluacion del Impacto Ambiental Spanish
Course Language download
Filosofía y Etica Spanish
Finanzas I Spanish
Finanzas II Spanish
Finanzas III Spanish
Finanzas Internacionales Spanish
Formulacion y evaluacion de proyectos Spanish
Fundamentos de Programación Spanish
Fundamentos de Banca y Bolsa de Valores   Spanish
Game Theory and Market Strategies English
Geographic Information System  English
Gerencia de Operaciones Spanish
Gestion de Negocios Internacionales Spanish
Gestión de Negocios para Empresas Internacionales Spanish
Gestion de Operaciones (Operations Management) English
Gestion de portafolios y derivados financieros (Portfolio Management and Financial Derivatives) English
Gestion de Ventas Spanish
Gestión del Capital Humano Spanish
Global Supply Chain Management English
Historia del Pensamiento Económico Spanish
Historia Latinoamericana Spanish
Human Behavior in Organizations (online-inglés) English
Informática para la Gestión Spanish
Information Technology Management  English
Instrumentos Financieros    Spanish
Intercultural Management for International Business  English
Introducción a los Negocios Internacionales Spanish
Investigacion de Mercados Spanish
Investigacion de Operaciones Spanish
Knowledge Management English
Leadership English
Leadership and people management English
Leadership Personal Leadership Development English
Leadership: Theories and Perspectives English
Course Language download
Macroeconomía Spanish
Management Information Systems English
Management Strategy English
Marketing de Servicio y retail Spanish
Marketing Global (Global Marketing) English
Marketing Industrial y Sectorial Spanish
Marketing Management English
Marketing Político Spanish
Marketing Turistico Spanish
Negociacion Internacional (International Negotiation) English
Operaciones y Procesos en la Ingeniería Ambiental Spanish
Ordenamiento Territorial (Spatial Planning) English
Organizaciones Inteligentes y Gestión del Conocimiento (Intteligent Organizations and Knowledge Management) English
Planeación Estratégica Spanish
Planificacion Financiera Spanish
Poder y Comunicación (Power and Comunication) English
Políticas de Comercio Exterior (Policies of International Commerce) English
Politics and International Relations English
Practicas comunicativas y sus implicancias Spanish
Procesos Creativos Spanish
Procesos Económicos del Perú y América Latina Spanish
Project Management English
Proyectos de Inversion Publica Spanish
Publicidad y promocion de ventas Spanish
Quality Management and Customer Service English
Resolución de Conflictos Sociales y Ambientales (Social and Environmental Conflics Resolutions) English
Responsabilidad Social empresarial Spanish
Retail Marketing Spanish
Sistemas de Información  Spanish
Social Media Marketing Spanish
Sociología Spanish
Stakeholders English
Supply Chain Management English
Tecnologia de Informacion para Finanzas  Spanish
Tecnología en ingeniería Ambiental Spanish
Teoría Organizacional Spanish
Topics of finance English
Written Skills for Professional Success I  English


* Please verify that you have all the pre requesites requested
*All courses are subject to change and may not be available in all semesters  
*Once the courses have been selected during the enrollment no changes are permitted

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