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Nafsa 2017

On Monday, May 29, in Los Angeles, USA, Nafsa have presented the main topic: Strategic Partnerships for Sustainable Development in Latin America.
Association of International Educators is the world's largest nonprofit association dedicated to international education and exchange, working to advance policies and practices that ensure a more interconnected, peaceful world today and for generations to come.


From Left to Right Sandra Rincon, Mariella Olivos, Dorothea Antonio (Nafsa), Nico Evers, Charles Walkers, Arturo Condo, Thomas Butru and Marcela Wolff



AIB LAT in Universidad ESAN

(8th - 10th March)
AIB-LAT is a chapter of the Academy of International Business in Latin America. It organizes an annual conference, aimed at scholars and PhD students from Latin America working in the international business field, along with scholars from other regions interested in Latin America
The Latin American Chapter of the Academy of International Business (AIB-LAT) addressed these issues during its 7th Annual conference “Corporate Shared Values, MNCs and Corporate Reputation In Latin America” which hosted institution was ESAN in Lima, Peru.



Welcome, International Students!

Thanks to the agreements that Universidad ESAN has with institutions abroad, each semester we receive more students from different parts of the world. On this occasion, 78 students chose Universidad ESAN as the best option to complement their studies in Business. Students have come from Canada, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Mexico, Scotland, Spain, USA, Finland, France, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic, Sweden and Switzerland.

Students have chosen to study the International Double Degree program or the International Exchange program for one or two semesters. Thanks to the agreement with the Pacific Alliance we have a student from Colombia. To give the exchange students a warm welcome, the International Student Office organised activities for them to rapidly settle into university life.

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Red Peruana para la Internacionalización

(31th August)
Universidad ESAN and seven other universities have formed the “Red Peruana para la Internacionalización” of Higher University Education, which aims to strengthen the internationalization processes of its members and peers abroad, as well as promote a higher quality of university education. Last August 31, Our rector Jorge Talavera Traverso and his colleagues from Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Universidad de Lima, Universidad del Pacífico, Universidad de Piura and Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, signed on the campus of this last mentioned house of studies the minutes of installation of the “Red”, which is made up of the founding members and will house non-profit universities that express their interest in participating in it. The ceremony was attended by Marcela Wolff, director of International Relations at EAFIT University and representative of the Colombia Challenge your Knowledge Network and the Director of International Relations of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso and director of “Red Learn Chile”, Marcos Avilez. Both emphasized the importance of the internationalization of the universities of their countries and congratulaled that the peruvian universties work towards the same objective The universities that are part of the “Red Peruana para la Internacionalización” of Higher University Education, documented the agreement of its constitution on December 15, 2016. The General Director of Higher Education University of the Ministry of Education facilitated the confluence of member universities.


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Foreign students got their double degree at Esan University

At the semester 2016-II, Three students got their Double Degree at Esan. Teo Geldner from Dortmund University in Germany got his Double Degree in Economics and International Business, Sebastian Bergsch from Dortmund University in Germany got his Double Degree in Management and Finance and Romain-Alexis Bouché from Groupe ESC Troyes in France got his Double Degree in Management and Finance.

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Universidad ESAN student did his Internship in Rotterdam School of Management

Hernan Castro, student from the Organizational Psychology Major at Universidad Esan shared with us about his participation in STAR Association’s Consulting Group. The Consulting´s Group main goal every year is to carry out research projects in emerging markets. Peru was selected this year as the focus of study for the projects. The group mission is to formulate research services (new markets entry strategies, value chain analysis, between others) for Dutch companies interested in expanding their businesses in Peru.”

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Promoting exchange programs at the International Fair

The international office of ESAN convenes students of the International educational network to participate in the International Fair 2016. Participants represented their own university and gave information about exchange programs, double degrees and summer programs. We thanked all the participants from Pforzheim University, Cologne University TUM School of Management FH Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Zhaw University, Université Laval, Universidad del Rosario, Neoma, IDRAC Lyon, Audencia Nantes, Skema, École de Management de Normandie, Groupe Sup de Co Montpellier, University of Groningen, Tilburg University, St Gallen University, Penn State, Esc Pau and Avans.

On the other side, this fair also contributed to international students to develop their creativity and development in its performance, by providing information on its university for students from ESAN . The best exhibition group received a reward from our office.

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CBEM Program

This last semester our University offered a new program to international students called CERTIFICATE IN BUSINESS IN EMERGING MARKETS (CBEM). This program focuses on the environment for doing business in an emerging country and it is concentrated in the Latin-American reality. The program help students to understand the differences between leadership styles and management styles, discover business opportunities, learn about the financial environment and the risks related to the decision making process, and how to develop a marketing project for the Latin American market.

Participants came from Austria (Johannes. Kepler University.), France (Clermont BS), Peru (Universidad ESAN) and USA (Penn State University.). The students from Austria and Peru were also part of the Global Program Agreement and had a prior stay in Shanghai and in Linz.

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Conference session of Digital Marketing for ESAN Alumni

Professor Sander Berlinski from Tilburg University visited ESAN under the sponsorship of ERASMUS scholarship. Prof. Berlinski presented a workshop for ESAN alumni students which introduced some topics like Digital Marketing, The need for a digital marketing strategy, Search Engine Advertising, Interactive Display Advertising, Social Media Advertising and the Future of Digital Marketing in Universidad ESAN.


Startup Ecosystem in Peru Forum – University of Illinois at Urbana – Champagne

The University of Illinois visited our campus in order to attend two different conferences focused on Startup Ecosystems in Peru. Professor Mantilla stressed the strengths and weaknesses in political academic and private actors. Our guest, Alonso Mujica who is the CEO of Timov, underlined the future opportunities and strengths for international investments in Peru;

Illinois students in partnership with ESAN students had time to discuss the topics and know each other countries in theses perspectives.

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NAFSA 2016. Building Capacity for Global Learning

NAFSA 2016 Annual Conference & Expo in Denver, Colorado, proved to be the international education event of the year. The associate director of ESAN, Mariella Olivos presented in the panel of The Latin America Forum, Developing Innovative and Effective

Partnerships. International education professionals from more than 100 countries gathered in Denver to learn, to connect, and to explore new horizons in international education.


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