Incoming Students - Universidad ESAN was the host of Women Entrepreneurship Week 2018





(13th - 20th October)

Universidad ESAN was part of the 5th edition of Women Entrepreneurship Week 2018 held from October 13th to 20th. This event was held in parallel in more than 160 universities in 32 countries and was aimed at ESAN students and graduates..

As part of the event we had the participation of speakers such as Olga Cirilo, Coordinator of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the MBA of ESAN Graduate School of Business, who shared her professional experience and as an entrepreneur and founder of a marketing company aimed at the health sector.

Also, Carla Muttoni participated. She is a Commercial Engineer, MBA UC and programmer, who has had experience in the development of projects for one of the "Big Four. She is currently a collaborator at Singularity University Chapter Chile, member of the Board of Directors of Fundación Portas and has also founded her own Venture building "Spring Up", in which they connect and create technological innovation projects among startups, corporations and investors to solve market needs.

Finally, we had the participation of Marita Mamani, graduated from ESAN University, who explained about her professional experience in the commercial area in the different organizations in which she has worked. In this session attended ESAN alumni who also have entrepreneurship projects.


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