Incoming Students - Climate


  • Climate seasons in the Southern hemisphere (Peru)
  • Summer: December 22nd.  To March 21st.  - 20 to 29°C
  • Autumn: March 22nd to June 21st - 22 to 17°C
  • Winter: June 22nd. to September 22nd . -17 to 13°C
  • Spring: September 23rd.  to December 21st .-13  to 19°C

Peru is located in the Equatorial area of South America, but its climate does not correspond to its geographical location for two fundamental factors: the Andean Mountain Range and the cold marine current of Humboldt, also called Peruvian current.

The Peruvian current and the geographical relief of Peru condition the climate characteristics in three big areas (from west to east), the Coast, the Andean Region or Sierra, and the Amazon area or Jungle, each with its particular climate characteristics.

The coast presents, in general, a tempered climate, warm in the north (Piura), a little colder towards the center and southern regions (Lima and Arequipa). Rains are almost nonexistent in Lima, with the exception of winter time when the so called garúa or chachani -a very delicate type of rain- appears. Humidity is high, reaching up to 99% during winter. This increases the sense of coldness.

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