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Continuing with the good news, it is very pleasing to inform you that our FAB LAB, has obtained the authorization of CONCYTEC as: Center for Scientific Research, Technological Development and Technological Innovation (R + D + I).
This authorization operates within the framework of the Triple Elizabeth State-Enterprise-University, which grants tax benefits to companies that invest in Innovation, provided they do so with a Center (R & D & I). Companies can recover up to 175% of what they invest.
The strengths of ESAN's FAB LAB are in the Digital Fabrication and 3D Design.
Now innovative companies count on us as strategic partners and ESAN aspires to be a hub of innovations.

Congratulations to the team of FAB LAB and the entire team of teachers and administrative staff who supported us in this achievement.


Lars Wellajus

(20th to 21th June)
Lars Wellajus, Professor of the University of Frankfurt, offered an “Intercultural Management” class and gave a talk about the benefits of an exchange program at the German institution. He took part in the Engineering Week at ESAN University.



Bart Schiffelers

(12th to 16th June)
Bart Schiffekers, Specialist in Marketing at the University of Tilburg (Netherlands), visited ESAN University to offer “Product Development and Entrepreneurship” classes, as well as a talk about the benefits of having a student exchange with the institution he represents.



Universidad de Valencia

(17th January)
Universidad ESAN signed an agreement on inter-university cooperation with the Universidad de Valencia on 17 January in the fields of research and teaching. This framework agreement links two institutions of recognized prestige for their international vocation, research, their commitment to the development of society and the training of competitive professionals
The agreement seeks to facilitate cooperation for teachers and university students through exchanges, congresses, colloquia, courses, seminars, courses, projects, publications and documents for research and educational purposes.
Present at the signing of the agreement were the principal Jorge Talavera, the Associate Director of the Mariella Olivos Undergraduate Program, the coordinator of the courses in Consumer Psychology and Organizational Psychology Varinia Bustos (Universidad ESAN) and Amparo Oliver Germes, a professor at the Universidad de Valencia.


COIL Marketing Program

(26th October)
The University of Central Florida developed a pilot program for a Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) project between UCF business students with Holly Bouma as their moderator and Universidad ESAN students with professor Javier Del Carpio Gallegos in charge.
In this program our students met for 4 weeks focused on a product development/marketing project to present it the last week. As a result, Peruvian products were helpful to create and set up the ideas to offer innovative products for the food industry in both markets.


1rst Session of Worldwise

Students from Universidad ESAN participated in the first videoconference the 11th of October with students from foreign universities at United States, Mexico and Poland. The first session brings us closer to the perspectives from East Carolina University (ECU), USA, and Universidad de Monterrey(UDEM), México, about international gastronomy.

Picture taken from ECU from the class Worldwise.


International Seminar with Universidad de la Sabana

Social Responsibility Universitary (RSU in spanish), an organization from ESAN had the opportunity to offer a new vision of sustainable business abroad.
Diplomas were given by the doyenne Hilda Arango from EICEA (Escuela Internacional de Ciencias Económicas y Administrativas) and actually the president from CLADEA.


ESAN students’ in Colombia.

This is the first time for the undergraduate programme to share corporate knowledge and the international seminar consist in two modules; “Ética Empresarial y Desafíos de los Negocios Sostenibles” presented in Colombia and “Proyectos Sociales: Planteamiento y Participación en el Contexto Socio-Cultural Latinoamericano” in Peru. There were also visits to the enterprises “Alas 5”, “Mario Hernandez” and “Cementera UNACEM”.
Participants were students who collaborated in Líderes Globales or another social program to impulse the entrepreneurship.The requirements were the following:
-      Be part of the upper third.
-       A recommendation letter from a professor.
-       A personal interview.

The students commit to RSU to represent the university in a good way. With the objective of the achievement of an cultural exchange and a more globalized approach to sustainable development the following words were given by the professor Patty Gallo: “The students were at the level and represented very satisfactorily to the university, they were very participative and with their development they demonstrated to be prepared for an optimal use of this type of international seminar. Thanks also to the preparation they received through the RSU.”

Students from Universidad ESAN and Universidad de la Sabana

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Visit from East Carolina University

(30th May)
The visit of East Carolina (ECU). The students of ECU realized an activity with the students of ESAN. Professor Blakely also met with Professors of ESAN to talk about their research in Andean studies. The students received a speech about the academic and economic opportunities of our country. Students from ECU participate in videoconferences with students from our school of study for the courses Global Environment for Business and Intercultural Management for International Business courses.


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Visit from Colorado University

(30th March)
On March 30 we hosted 23 students from the University of Colorado. The day they visited Universidad ESAN some the activities offered were: presentation of Perú and the University, and a visit to the Fab Lab, a space where digital manufacturing technologies can increase the productivity and competitiveness of organizations. The students knew the international agreements and received a speech on the opportunities and challenges of Peru.



CAIE 2017

(11th - 13th October)
The Conference of the Americas on International Education (CAIE) is an essential forum for stakeholders in Higher Education that fosters fruitful dialogues and debates, aiming to contribute to the internationalization and quality of Higher Education. This conference took place at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal, Canada from 11th to 13th of October.
During the session called Curricular innovation and the development of Global Citizenship, Mariella Olivos presented her speech of “Collaborative Projects, and Internationalization at home: opportunities to increase employability and Global Citizenship skills, the case of Universidad ESAN in Peru”.
The aim of this session was to share the results of a research study in a Peruvian university after implementing strategies to increase employability and global citizenship skills among their students and alumni. As well, Mariella explained to the audience about the Erasmus Link-you project case to promote Employability between Europe and Latin America through the crowdsourcing application strategy as a tool to create a network that seeks to bring together industries, academics and students, as this will allow the exchange of knowledge between academia and companies, attract funds Private partnerships for research, which will in turn promote, a better level of innovation and enterprising entrepreneurial spirit.


GPE 2017

In this time Universidad ESAN presented a commemorative plate to East Carolina University for the 10th anniversary of the founding of Global Partners in Education and for maintaining a good professional relationship. In effect, there is a great agreement since 2009 between these universities to the collaborative video-conference class for undergraduates to develop an international learning. The conference took place in Greenville, North Carolina, USA on May 15th - 17th.


Dr. Ron Mitchelson - Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs on the left. And representing Universidad ESAN, Mariella Olivos Ph.D - Associate Director Undergraduate Programs on the right.


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