Incoming Students - Erasmus+ challenge academy Project


Universidad ESAN continue to be part of the Erasmus+ Challenge Academy Cooperation between Latin America and Europe for Employability project, whose purpose is to increase the employability of young Latin Americans through training in entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation and employability trends, to show their talent to international and local companies. The partner universities are: ICSTE (Portugal), University of Wolverhampton (United Kingdom), University of Maastrich (Holland), Catholic University of the North (Chile), Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Colombia), National University of the Litoral (Argentina), Universidad Austral (Argentina). Likewise, the institutions Lipomize (Argentina), Interuniversity Corporation of services (Colombia) Fundación Universidad Empresa (Spain) are also part of the project. As part of the activities from the Erasmus+ Challenge Academy Project, we carried out a creativity and innovation, employability and entrepreneurship workshops for teachers of ESAN, students from ESAN, and also teachers and students from high schools of Lima. These workshops were held from August to November and the purpose was to reinforce the leadership skills of students participating and to train teachers in these topics so they can apply them in their class sessions.


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