Incoming Students - Corporate Law

Areas of Studies

1st year
1° Semester Pre Calculus Reading and Writing Globalization and National Reality General Management Learning Strategies
Behavioral Skills Basic English
2° Semester Mathematics for Social Sciences Communication and Literature I Sociology and Law Critical Thinking
Law Introduction General Psychology Intermediate English I
2nd year
3° Semester History of Law Civil Law Studies I (People) Criminal Law General Accounting Civil Law Studies II (Family and Successions)
Civil Law - Juridical Act Intermediate English II
4° Semester Mercantile Law Procesal Civil Law I Procesal Law (Criminal) General Economics (Mgmt-Eng-C.Law)
Constitutional Law Real Civil Rights Intermediate English III
3rd year
5° Semester Corporate Law Procesal Civil Law II Administrative Law I Statistics and Probabilities Procesal Constitutional Law
Civil Law (Liabilities) Legal Drafting
6° Semester General Labor Law Trade and Civil Guarantees Administrative Law II
Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements Research Methodology Contracts Civil Law I Oral Litigation
4th year
7° Semester Business Labor Law Intellectual Property Law Judicial Strategy Corporate Finance Concursal Law
Civil Law Contracts II Juridical Logic and Argumentation
8° Semester Banking and Financial Law Free Market and Competition Law Entrepreneurship
Leadership and People Management International Public Law Mercantile Contratation
5th year
9° Semester Public Private Partnership and Privatization Regulatory Law International Private Law Management Strategy
Policies of International Commerce Tributary Law
10° Semester Criminal Economic Law Contractual and Extracontractual Responsibility Law Philosophy
Investment Project Evaluation International Negotiation Business Taxation I
6th year
11° Semester Conflicts Resolution Fusions and Acquisitions Enviromental Law I Corporate Social Responsibility (Law)
Thesis Work I Business Taxation II
12° Semester New Technologies Law Profesional Responsabilities and Ethics Thesis Work II Specialty Elective I
Specialty Elective II

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