Incoming Students - International Seminar with Universidad de la Sabana


Social Responsibility Universitary (RSU in spanish), an organization from ESAN had the opportunity to offer a new vision of sustainable business abroad.
Diplomas were given by the doyenne Hilda Arango from EICEA (Escuela Internacional de Ciencias Económicas y Administrativas) and actually the president from CLADEA.


ESAN students’ in Colombia.

This is the first time for the undergraduate programme to share corporate knowledge and the international seminar consist in two modules; “Ética Empresarial y Desafíos de los Negocios Sostenibles” presented in Colombia and “Proyectos Sociales: Planteamiento y Participación en el Contexto Socio-Cultural Latinoamericano” in Peru. There were also visits to the enterprises “Alas 5”, “Mario Hernandez” and “Cementera UNACEM”.
Participants were students who collaborated in Líderes Globales or another social program to impulse the entrepreneurship.The requirements were the following:
-      Be part of the upper third.
-       A recommendation letter from a professor.
-       A personal interview.

The students commit to RSU to represent the university in a good way. With the objective of the achievement of an cultural exchange and a more globalized approach to sustainable development the following words were given by the professor Patty Gallo: “The students were at the level and represented very satisfactorily to the university, they were very participative and with their development they demonstrated to be prepared for an optimal use of this type of international seminar. Thanks also to the preparation they received through the RSU.”

Students from Universidad ESAN and Universidad de la Sabana

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