Incoming Students - Organizational Psychology

Areas of Studies

1st year
1° Semester General Management Learning Strategies Pre Calculus Reading and Writing Behavioral Skills Basic English
Globalization and National Reality
2° Semester Critical Thinking Intermediate English I Communication and Literature I Sociology and Law
Statistics and Probabilities Mathematics for Social Sciences General Psychology
2nd year
3° Semester General Accounting Fundamentals of Marketing Organizational Theory Communication and Literature II
Intermediate English II Human Behavior in Organizations Neuroscience
4° Semester Costs and Budgets Models of Organizational Management Intermediate English III
Psychology of language and communication Cultural and Social Psychology Psychology of Human Development
Psychology of Personality
3rd year
5° Semester General Economy Inferential Statistics Social Cognitions Psychodynamic Theories
Cognitive and Learning Psychology Observation Techniques and Psychological Interview
6° Semester Research Methodology Philosophy and ethics Human Resource Management
Coaching Theories of Motivation and Emotion Principles of Psychological Evaluation and Testing Leadership
4th year
7° Semester Business law Management and Analysis of Positions
Psychological Evaluation and Organizational Testing Psychodynamics of Organizations
Culture and organizational climate Dysfunctions of Individual Behavior
Construction and Adaptation of Evidence
8° Semester Information Systems Industrial Safety and Risk Prevention Conflict Assessment and Equipment Development
Endomarketing Recruitment and Selection of Human Talent Perception and Communication
Formation ElectiveI
5th year
9° Semester Financial Analysis for the Social Sciences Ecology, environment and social responsibility
Remuneration and Compensation Management Managing Diversity and Welfare of Employees
Evaluation and Performance Management Thesis Work I Specialty Elective I
10° Semester Formulation and Evaluation of Projects Entrepreneurship Human Potential Management Strategy
Intelligent Organizations and Knowledge Management Thesis Work II Specialty Elective II

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