Incoming Students - Information Technology and Systems Engineering

Areas of Studies

1st year
1° Semester Reading and Writing Pre Calculus General Management Globalization and National Reality
Learning Strategies Behavioral Skills Basic English
2° Semester Communication and Literature I Calculus I General Accounting Statistics and Probabilities
Critical Thinking Programming Fundamentals Intermediate English I
2nd year
3° Semester Communication and Literature II Calculus II Budgets and Costs Organizational Theory
Logic Fundamentals Data Base Modeling Intermediate English II
4° Semester Physics I Inferential Statistics Finance I Software Engineering I Information Technology Infrastructure
Object-Oriented Programming Intermediate English III
3rd year
5° Semester General Economics Philosophy and Ethics Finance II Multivariate Analysis Operational Research I
6° Semester Research Methodology Discrete Mathematics Programming for Statistic Analysis
Web Application Development Algorithm Design and Analysis Communication Networks
4th year
7° Semester Marketing for Engineering Sytems General Theory Artificial Intelligence Applied to Business
Human Resource Management Business Processes Engineering Business Intelligence
8° Semester Entrepreneurship Strategic Plannning Graphic Computing Projects Design and Evaluation Data Mining
Thesis Work I Specialty Elective I
5th year
9° Semester Supply Chain Management Managerial Information Systems Mobile Applications Development
Project Management Big Data Anlytics Web Analytics Specialty Elective II
10° Semester Knowledge Management Information Security Management Systems IT Quality Models
Information Technology Management Enterprise Architecture Management Specialty Elective III Thesis Work I

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