Incoming Students - Economics and International Business

Areas of Studies

1st year
I Semester Globalization and National Reality General Management Pre Calculus Reading and Writing
Learning Strategies Basic English Behavioral Skills
II Semester Statistics and Probabilities General Accounting Calculus I Communication and Literature I Critical Thinking
Intermediate English I Organizational Theory
2nd year
III Semester Advanced Accounting Calculus II Communication and Literature II Intermediate English II
International Business Introduction General Economics
IV Semester Microeconomics I Mathematics for Economists Marketing Fundamentals Finance I Intermediate English III
Inferential Statistics
3rd year
V Semester Costs Accounting Macroconomics I Finance II Global Supply Chain Management Market Research
Microeconomics II International Commerce
VI Semester Trade Integration Strategies Macroeconomics II Formulation and Evaluation of Projects
Economic Processes of Peru and Latin America International Finance Business Law
4th year
VII Semester International Economics International Negotiation Econometrics Strategic Planning
History of Economic Thoughts Formation Elective
VIII Semester Economic integration and developement Monetary Theory Public Finance
Environmental Economics and Natural Resources Politics and International Relations Research Methodology
Philosophy and Ethics
5th year
IX Semester International Business Plan Economic Regulation and Competition Entrepreneurship Thesis Work I
Sociology Specialty Elective I Specialty Elective II
X Semester Managerial Competences Seminar Applied Economics Policy Global Marketing Thesis Work II
Business Management for International enterprises Specialty Elective III Specialty Elective IV

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