Incoming Students - Professors of Marketing and Social Sciences offered lectures through a Video Conference to students in a University in The Netherlands and in Mexico



Professor Alicia Gonzalez Sparks participated in a teaching lesson with a Business School in the Netherlands through a video conference system. Its subject focused on the Peruvian consumer behavior detailing the consumer behavior model, the new tendencies related to consumers, the new characteristics of Peruvian consumers and a preview of lifestyles from the Peruvian author Rolando Arellano.

Professor Olga Cerqueira participated in a video conference with Professor Josefina Ibarra Valencia, Professor in a Mexican University. The topic was “Globalization, Economy and Enterprises”. The session was part of the course “Business Management for International Enterprises”. It was attended by Universidad ESAN’s Economy and International Business Program students and UDEM’s Communication School students. After the first approaches given by the professors, the students discussed relevant aspects considering Peruvian and Mexican realities. The length of this virtual exchange was about 45 minutes.

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